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The diversification and improvement of the quality of the medical tourism offer in Romania, the increase of the requests received from our clients and our partners were the main arguments for establishment of a specialized department of Travis Tourism, one of the most important tour operators in the country.

Travis Medical is our division where we facilitate your access to some of the most famous medical clinics and the best doctors in Romania and other countries. If you are looking for a clinic, a medical centre or a treatment-based hotel, we can help you get customized medical services. Since its inception, Travis Medical has been selected as a preferred partner for promotion and medical tourism facilitator for some of the most important clinics and medical offices in Romania.

The main specializations for which we offer, at this moment, services for facilitating medical tourism in Romania and abroad are:

The services offer to patients are:

  • pre-selection of a medical service provider based on the details received;
  • sending at least two preliminary offers from different medical units;
  • establishing all the necessary booking for consultations;
  • hiring interpreters/translators;
  • obtaining a counter assessment (remote);
  • many packages that can include air tickets, airport receptions services, accommodation, meals, as well as medical treatments with different objectives, assistance in obtaining visas, insurance services.

The services offer to healthcare providers are:

  • research of the medical tourism market in Romania and abroad;
  • creation of medical tourism packages;
  • selected our collaborative partners;
  • placing on international markets;
  • consultancy and implementation of programs;
  • the development of the offers and the improvement of the cooperation.

Customer benefits:

  • management with medical studies;
  • complete integrated services;
  • short response time;
  • excellent contacts with famous specialists and medical units;
  • support in several languages;
  • free mediation services;
  • directly managed tourism services.


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About medical tourism


More and more people are choosing to travel outside their country to benefit from medical tourism services. What includes the term ”tourism” in a definition, which would mean only ”travel for treatment purposes”, is that patients choose to extend their stay at the destination after the end of the treatment or to request, with it, programs for visiting and discovering the tourist destination.

If at the beginning of the use of this term, trips took place from less developed countries, where certain medical procedures were not available, to countries with highly developed medical systems, this tendency has changed in recent years.

The low fares of the air tickets, the increase of the quality level of the medical services in countries where their tariff is more accessible, but also the desire to use as much as possible the free time have led to a balance of the exchange of patients, who choose to travel to follow medical treatments.

Medical tourism in Romania is not something new. Whether we refer to the spa treatments, popularized by the communist regime, or the trip under the false name of the actress Claudia Cardinale in Romania, to benefit from the care of Doctor Ana Aslan, thousands of patients cross the borders of the country every year, in order to take care of their health. 

The existence of a large number of medical specialists, hospitals and clinics, as well as the international recognition of the medical education system in Romania have made our country a growing destination on the world map of medical tourism.

The medical tourism packages in Romania benefit not only from the competitive advantage of the reduced cost for medical procedures, but also from very good and advantageous adjacent tourism products.

Air connections with the main European capitals are present in all the major medical centres of Romania, the distances from the airport to the city centres are short, the hotel infrastructure is well developed and with a price-quality ratio superior to many Western countries.

A plus in the development of medical tourism in Romania is presented by the multitude of opportunities for spending leisure time and the tourist attractions known worldwide.


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